Steve Young

Steve Young

Rock, Salt and Nails (Reissue) (Rock Salt)

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Release Date: 12/09/2022
Format: LP
Label: Real Gone Music
Release type: Reissued "Rock Salt" Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Folks can argue if Steve Young’s debut Rock, Salt and Nails is the first “outlaw country” album, but there is no argument that it’s one of the best. Featuring a star-studded line-up of like-minded players like Gram Parsons, Gene Clark, James Burton, Chris Ethridge, and Bernie Leadon, this 1969 record starts out with Young’s impassioned interpretation of the O.V. Wright/Otis Redding classic “That’s How Strong My Love Is,” which offers an emphatic bookend to Parsons’ own country-soul masterpiece “Dark End of the Street,” recorded the same year with the Flying Burrito Brothers. The rest of the record (produced by Tommy LiPuma) is a beautifully-paced blend of covers and originals, highlighted by Young’s immortal “Seven Bridges Road,” memorably covered by The Eagles among many others. Rock, Salt and Nails has somehow never been reissued on vinyl in the U.S.; our pressing comes in natural, “rock salt” vinyl. A flat-out masterpiece.
  1. That's How Strong My Love Is 3:38
  2. Rock Salt & Nails 3:42
  3. I'm A One Woman Man 2:14
  4. Coyote 4:08
  5. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird 2:42
  6. Love In My Time 2:10
  7. 7 Bridges Road 3:37
  8. Kenny's Song 4:07
  9. Holler In The Swamp 3:49
  10. Hoboin' 4:11
  11. My Sweet Love Ain't Around 2:53

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