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Release Date: 1967
Format: Pre-Owned DVD

FUNERAL PROCESSION: Leading the cortege behind her late husband's coffin, a young widow is consoled by family friend Jean; and as he confesses that he loves her, the widow's grief slowly disappears. So engrossed do they become in making plans for going away together that they miss a fork in the road and veer off to the left, while the shocked mourners continue to follow the hearse to the right. AMATEUR NIGHT: Discovering her husband in bed with another woman, an outraged wife storms out of the house vowing to sleep with the first man she meets. After joining a group of prostitutes and discovering that she is unable to carry out her threat, she accepts an accommodating procurer's offer to drive her home. When the hysterical husband greets them with insults, the procurer sends him sprawling with one punch. Seeing her husband lying in the street, the wife runs to comfort him. TWO AGAINST ONE: During an international cybernetics congress, a beautiful, bored interpreter explains to two amorous delegates, an Italian and a Scotsman, that her lover cares only for her mind and soul. To illustrate her point, she brings them to her flat and reads T. S. Eliot to them while in the nude. When one of them touches her, she furiously accuses them of reverting to the stone age. So repentant are they that they willingly accept cruel slaps from each other. Greatly impressed by the demonstration, the interpreter tosses her lover's picture out of the window and joins the delegates on a bed. THE SUPER-SIMONE: A plain housewife is married to a hack writer known for his fictional heroine Simone, a femme fatale who enslaves men by her wild and unpredictable nature. In a pathetic attempt to emulate the Super-Simone, the wife behaves in such a bizarre fashion that her startled husband brings home a psychiatrist. When she realizes that they believe that she has lost her mind, the wife races out of their garret apartment onto the roof and wails, "I'm not crazy. I'm just in love." AT THE OPERA: When a wealthy Parisian socialite learns that a rival is wearing a copy of her new gown to the opening of the Opéra, she orders three of her husband's aides to bomb the rival's limousine. But a third woman, a plump and elderly matron, also appears in the same gown, and the humiliated socialite bolts out of the theater. As she does so, she spies her rival, blackened and disheveled from the bomb explosion, making a determined entrance. Anticipating her rival's reaction to the third woman, the socialite bursts into laughter. THE SUICIDES: Victims of a hopeless affair, a young wife and her married lover form a suicide pact. Dressed as a bride and groom, they plan to take their lives in a tacky hotel room. But they quarrel about the method they should use, and the woman goes into the bathroom. Once alone, the lover changes his mind and starts to sneak away. But as he opens the door he hears a window break in the bathroom. Peering out, he spots his beloved running down the fire escape to the street below. SNOW: While shopping with a friend, a faithful wife discovers that they are being eyed by a handsome stranger. And, when she leaves her friend, the wife is secretly thrilled to see that the man is following her. Arriving home, she greets her husband and then gazes out of the window at the stranger on the snowy street below. Overjoyed at the thought that men are still intrigued by her, the wife sighs with happiness. (Perhaps she will never know that the handsome stranger is a private detective hired by her suspicious husband.)

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