Wild West Box Vol. 1 - Pancho Villa / Navajo Joe

Wild West Box Vol. 1 - Pancho Villa / Navajo Joe


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Wild West Box Volume 1, 2 Movies On 1 DVD Pancho Villa: Telly Savalas is Pancho Villa, the famous - or infamous - Mexican revolutionary. Renowned for his bravery and feared for his unspeakable cruelty, Villa becomes the legendary bandit-hero of a whole nation when he is persued by both the Mexican and United States Army. Navajo Joe: A young Burt Reynolds stars as Navajo Joe in this action-packed and unsympathetic Spaghetti Western. He is the sole survivor of a bloody massacre where is entire tribe, including his wife, were slain by outlaws. Vowing revenge for his people, Joe rides to confront the murderers for the final fight in a Navajo graveyard alongside his ancestors.

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