Waylon Jennings

JD's (RSD Essentials Dark Grey)

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Release Date: 07/15/2022
 RSD Essentials
Release type: RSD Essentials Dark Grey Colored Vinyl LP Pressing


The debut studio album by US country artist Waylon Jennings.
12 eclectic sides featuring country, rock, folk and blues styles.
Original pressings were sold exclusively at JD's nightclub in Phoenix, Arizona, where Waylon Jennings regularly performed with his backing band The Waylors during the early 60’s.
This title sees its first official vinyl reissue in over five decades.
Pressed on limited edition 180g dark grey vinyl with original artwork.

  1. Crying 2:35
  2. Sally Was A Good Old Girl 2:28
  3. Burning Memories 2:20
  4. Big Mamou 2:25
  5. Money 2:15
  6. Don't Think Twice 2:39
  7. Dream Baby 2:25
  8. It's So Easy 1:30
  9. Lorena 2:17
  10. Love's Gonna Live Here 1:52
  11. Abilene 1:53
  12. White Lightnin' 2:14

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