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Release Date: 03/31/2009
Format: LP
Label: Fat Possum Records
Release type:  Vinyl LP Release

The solo project of San Diego musician Nathan Williams epitomizes the best of bedroom rock. If you like your music slick and over-produced, Wavves is not for you. But lovers of blown-out pop music (a la Ariel Pink) will appreciate his hypnotically fuzzed-out, sun-soaked tunes.

  1. Rainbow Everywhere
  2. Sun Opens My Eyes
  3. Gun in the Sun
  4. So Bored
  5. Goth Girls
  6. No Hope Kids
  7. Weed Demon
  8. Beach Deman
  9. California Goths
  10. Summer Goth
  11. Ghost Ramp
  12. To the Dregs
  13. Killr Punx, Scary Demons
  14. Surf Goth

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