Conflict Of Hatred (White)

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Release Date: 04/02/2021
Back On Black – BOBV475LP
Release type:
 Reissued White Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

1988's A Conflict Of Hatred is the fourth album from the Paul 'Evo" Evans-led UK punk/metal outfit Warfare who formed at the tail end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement and drew influence from the likes of Motörhead, Tank, and Venom. One of Neat Records' biggest sellers, the transitional effort finds the band in progressive metal territory with complex arrangements, keyboards and female backup singers plus guest guitar from Venom's Mantas.
  1. Wax Works
  2. Hate To Create
  3. Revolution
  4. Dancing In The Flames Of Insanity
  5. Evolution
  6. Fatal Vision
  7. Deathcharge (Doomsday)
  8. Order Of The Dragons
  9. Elite Forces
  10. Rejoice The Feast Of Quarantine
  11. Noise, Filth And Fury Requiem

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