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The Way Of Darkness: A Tribute To John Carpenter (Deluxe Edition) (Magenta Marble)

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Release Date: 08/06/2021
Format: LP + CD
Label: Rustblade Records
Release type: Deluxe Edition Magenta Marble Vinyl LP Pressing with CD and posters. Limited to 149 copies

Legendary director and music composer John Carpenter is one the most influential artists of the Horror Soundtrack genre. This musical tribute combines some of Carpenter's best musical atmospheres with very special guests such as Claudio Simonetti (Goblin), who brings us two interpretations of Halloween & 1997, along with Leather Strip, Motion Kapture, Ketvector, as well as artists of the New Retro Wave scene such as Code Elektro, Tibia, Simulakrum Lab and many others. A must have for any true fan of John Carpenter, horror, and electronic music!

1 Claudio Simonetti - Halloween
2 Leæther Strip - Mattew Ghost Story
3 Simulakrum Lab - Christine
4 Mythical Vigilante - Night
5 Ketvector - Laurie's Theme
6 Code Elektro - Assault on Precict 13
7 Motion Kapture - the Fog
8 Keith McCoy - Chariots of Pumpkins
9 Tibia - the Thing
10 Claudio Simonetti - 1997 Escape from New York

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