Hammer Battalion

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Release Date: 10/09/2020
Blue Line Media – BLM 509
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing. 
Unleashed have been pounding out Viking death metal for three decades now. Hammer Battalion was releases originally in 2009 and is available now on a strictly limited vinyl record.
  1. The Greatest Of All Lies
  2. Long Before Winter's Call
  3. Your Children Will Burn
  4. Hammer Battalion
  5. This Day Belongs To Me
  6. Marching Off To War
  7. Entering The Hall Of The Slain
  8. Black Horizon
  9. Carved In Stone
  10. Warriors Of Midgard
  11. Midsummer Solstice
  12. Home Of The Brave
  13. I Want You Dead

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