Cleveland 1982 (Blue)

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Release Date: 06/10/2022
Release type:
 Blue Vinyl LP Pressing

Limited blue colored vinyl LP pressing. A magnificent vintage live performance by one of the all-time greatest rock bands to ever take the stage - UFO! Founding members Phil Mogg, Pete Way, and Andy Parker are joined by Paul Chapman and Neil Carter as they blast through highlights from The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent and Mechanix as well as their smash hit singles "Lights Out," "Doctor, Doctor," and more!
  1. We Belong to the Night
  2. Let It Rain
  3. Long Gone
  4. The Wild, the Willing & the Innocent
  5. Only You Can Rock Me
  6. Terri
  7. Doing It All for You
  8. Too Hot to Handle
  9. Lights Out

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