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Bloody Kisses

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Their third album, Bloody Kisses, was released in 1993 to critical acclaim and became the first album for Roadrunner to reach certified Platinum status in the United States. Bloody Kisses included mainly themes of loneliness and heartbreak with songs like "Too Late: Frozen," "Blood & Fire," and "Can't Lose You." The organ-led "Set Me On Fire" has shades of sixties garage rock and the album includes a cover of the 1972 Seals & Crofts hit "Summer Breeze." "Christian Woman," and "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)" became the most popular tracks. To promote the album, the group went on a two-year world tour and were also featured on MTV, VH1 and Rolling Stone at the time.

- Disc 1 -
1 A1 Machine Screw
2 Christian Woman
3 A2A Body of Christ (Corpus Christi)
4 A2B to Love God
5 A2C J.C. Looks Like Me
6 A3 Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
- Disc 2 -
1 B1 Fay Wray Come Out and Play
2 B2 Kill All the White People
3 B3 Summer Breeze
4 B4 Set Me on Fire
- Disc 3 -
1 C1 Dark Side of the Womb
2 C2 We Hate Everyone
3 C3 Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)
- Disc 4 -
1 D1 3.0.I.F
2 D2 Too Late: Frozen
3 D3 Blood & Fire
4 D4 Can't Lose You

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