Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio

Shine [CD/DVD]

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CD-1 Shine
CD-2 Tuesday
CD-3 Invisible
CD-4 Come As Melody
CD-5 Air Said To Me
CD-6 Wherever You Find It
CD-7 Sweet Dreams Melinda
CD-8 Love Is Freedom
CD-9 Sleep Again
CD-10 Spin
CD-11 Black
CD-12 Love That Breaks All Lines
DVD-Audio1 Shine
DVD-Audio2 Tuesday
DVD-Audio3 Invisible
DVD-Audio4 Come As Melody
DVD-Audio5 Air Said To Me
DVD-Audio6 Wherever You Find It
DVD-Audio7 Sweet Dreams Melinda
DVD-Audio8 Love Is Freedom
DVD-Audio9 Sleep Again
DVD-Audio10 Spin
DVD-Audio11 Black
DVD-Audio12 Love That Breaks All Lines
Live From Red Rocks
DVD-Video1 Intro
DVD-Video2 "Air Said To Me"
DVD-Video3 Breaking Pencils
DVD-Video4 "Dark And Down"
DVD-Video5 Tour Rehersals
DVD-Video6 "Shine"
DVD-Video7 Becoming Vapor
DVD-Video8 "Come As Melody"
DVD-Video9 The Journey Continues

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