Time Rift

Time Rift

Eternal Rock

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Release Date: 08/20/2021
Format: LP
Dying Victims Productions – DVP 168
Release type:
Vinyl LP Pressing

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Time Rift's debut album Eternal Rock on CD and vinyl LP format. If you keep your hair long, your leather tight, and your denim dirty, Time Rift have the heavy-metal-rock-and-roll you're looking for. Formed on the damp streets of Portland, Oregon, Time Rift have been cranking out riffs to rev your Camaro to since 2014. With their first EP release, Cold Future, Time Rift established themselves as a band whose sound has one foot firmly placed in 1974 hard rock. Fast forward to 2020 to their full length debut Eternal Rock - a 9-track-affair including a very fitting Motörhead cover of "Shoot you in the Back" - and their other foot is suddenly kicking your ass with some NWOBHM bangers. A power trio with an emphasis on power, Time Rift features vocalist and bassist Levi Campbell handling the low end and high wails, Justin Kaye on the ripping licks, and Terrica Jennings holding it all together on drums. If Time Rift shows the modern world of rock and roll anything, it's that time is irrelevant, and rock is eternal.

  1. Eternal Rock 4:19
  2. Fight For Your Life 3:18
  3. Hooks In You 3:46
  4. Magic Bullet 4:57
  5. Better Than Life 2:54
  6. Starcrossed 6:13
  7. Fire In Her Eyes 4:39
  8. Shoot You In The Back 2:31
  9. Another Name 5:19

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