The Illusion Of Safety (Electric Blue)

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Release Date: 03/10/2023
 Hopeless Records
Release type:
 Electric Blue Vinyl LP Pressing.

Limited 20th Anniversary blue colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes bonus track. The Illusion of Safety is the second studio album by Thrice, originally released in 2002. They wrote new songs at a rate of two per month, prior to recording in July 2001. Sessions were held at Salad Days Studios with producer Brian McTernan. The Illusion of Safety is a melodic hardcore and post-hardcore album, with a reoccurring topic of death and religious references.
  1. Kill Me Quickly
  2. A Subtle Dagger
  3. See You in the Shallows
  4. Betrayal Is a Symptom
  5. Deadbolt
  6. In Years to Come
  7. The Red Death
  8. A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds
  9. Where Idols Once Stood
  10. Trust
  11. To Awake and Avenge the Dead
  12. So Strange I Remember You
  13. The Beltsville Crucible
  14. That Hideous Strength

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