The Stooges

Till the End of the Night (LITA 20th Anniversary Edition) (Gold)

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Release Date: 11/19/2021
Format: LP
Label: Revenge Records
Release type: Light In The Attic Records 20th Anniversary Gold Vinyl LP Pressing

  • LITA 20th Anniversary Edition: Pressed on Gold Vinyl
  • Limited to 300 Copies
  • Produced and recorded by The Stooges

Produced and recorded by The Stooges. These tracks, known as DETROIT REHEARSALS TAPES, constitute a new insight of the wild energy of the quintet composed of the cult Iggy Pop, Asheton’s brothers (Ron & Scott), James Williamson & Scott Thurston.

  1. Johanna
  2. She creatures of the Hollywood Hills
  3. Open up and bleed
  4. Born in a trailer
  5. Till the End of the Night

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