The Slackers

Redlight (RSD Essentials Indie Exclusive Silver)

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Release Date: 12/09/2022
Format: LP
Label: Pirates Press Records, RSD Essentials
Release type: RSD Essentials Indie Exclusive Silver Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Indie Exclusive * 25th Anniversary * Previously long out-of-print, this classic sophomore album by one of the greatest ska bands ever was given a proper treatment for its 20th anniversary. This is a must-have for any Slackers fan, regardless of whether you own the original or not. Remastered for vinyl, ÒRedlightÓ never sounded as good; and with a two-color foil stamped cover, exclusive art-print insert, and lyric sleeve, itÕs never looked so good either! Originally released by Hellcat Records in 1997, this album truly solidified the SlackersÕ iconic sound, blending ska, reggae, soul, jazz and dub, seamlessly, with the passion and integrity that the band has embodied. Whether youÕre a new fan, or an old diehard, and whether you pick it up at the bandÕs merch table, your local record store, or your favorite online retailer, this brilliant re-issue is not one to pass up.
  1. Cooking For Tommy 3:58
  2. Watch This 3:58
  3. Married Girl 3:11
  4. I Still Love You 3:15
  5. Soldier 2:55
  6. Fried Chicken/Mary Mary 3:28
  7. You Must Be Good 3:56
  8. Redlight 4:58
  9. Tin Tin Deo 3:47
  10. She Wants To Be Alone 4:28
  11. Rude And Reckless 4:37
  12. Come Back Baby 4:15

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