The Offenders

The Offenders

Endless Struggle (Millennium Edition)

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Release Date: 05/06/2022
Format: LP
Label: Beer City Records
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

"Not Since 1981 has there ever been nor will there ever be a band like The Offenders." - X Con Ron - M.D.C. BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you the second and final album from 80's hardcore/punk legends; The Offenders - Endless Struggle Millennium Edition LP! Completely restored and remastered and all from the original reel tapes. Featuring the original mix that's been out of print for a very long time. Back in the early 80's Texas was churning out a fair share of bands that would go on to become legends in the hardcore/punk scene and beyond. The Offenders were no exception to this phenomenon. Anytime they played you knew as soon as they hit the stage they meant business and you were in for an intense experience like no other. The Offenders had already established themselves as a no BS hardcore/punk band with their first release 'We Must Rebel'. They played a ton of shows and toured on it a bunch to. A few years past while all this happened and in those years they wrote some more ass kicking songs that would end up being their second and final release 'Endless Struggle'. This hardcore/punk scorcher had the same rage and urgency as the first album, but the progression of the band could be heard and defiantly appreciated. This originally came out in 1985 and was produced by the legendary Spot. It contains 13 ragging songs that you will not forget. Top all that off with extensive liner notes by none other then OFFENDERS drummer Pat Doyle and you have a hard hitting restored and remastered LP that will have you playing it again and again. So if you want to own a part of hardcore/punk history that's just as ass kicking and as relevant as it was when it first came out. Pick up this release and never forget 'Don't Mess with Texas... HARDCORE!'

  1. You Got a Right
  2. Face Down in the Dirt
  3. Victory
  4. on the Crooked Edge
  5. Impact
  6. Endless Struggle
  7. Coming Down
  8. Get Mad
  9. Inside the Middle
  10. Trials and Tribulations
  11. Do or Die
  12. When Push Comes to Shove
  13. You Keep Me Hanging on

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