The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous


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Release Date: 07/24/2020
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Somewhat Damaged LTD
Release type: 45 RPM Double Vinyl LP Pressing

2020 release from the indie pop duo. The Naked and Famous' album reasserts the group as one of modern indie-pop's most exciting sonic trailblazers, taking them to emotionally inspired depths, while maintaining the fresh effervescence that has led to over 600 million collective streams to date. While they have sonically mastered the art of dreamy, hook-laden synth-pop, The Naked and Famous have stuck to their guns as far as intimate storytelling. Recover is largely an autobiographical record rooted in a powerful sentiment of survival, and of the very human process of self-preservation - of saving, choosing and celebrating oneself in a world constantly trying to put us down.

  1. Recover
  2. Sunseeker
  3. Bury Us
  4. Easy
  5. Come As You Are
  6. Everybody Knows
  7. Echoes in the Dark
  8. Well-Rehearsed
  9. Monument
  10. Death
  11. Count on You
  12. Muscle Memory
  13. The Sound of My Voice
  14. (An)Aesthetic
  15. Coming Back to Me

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