The Eye Of Time

The Eye Of Time

Acoustic II (Indie Exclusive Coke Bottle Green)

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Release Date: 09/03/2021
Denovali Records – den347
Release type: Indie Exclusive Coke Bottle Green Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

THE EYE OF TIME is the Solo-Project of the French musician Marc Euvrie. Euvrie's musical development is deeply connected with the French diy scene though he has been classically trained as well. Acoustic II is Marc's sixth album and the second one only based on Piano & Cello works. Marc about the development of the album: "Playing Piano and Cello has become more important to me in the last years. After Acoustic (2014) I felt a need to do more acoustic songs. In the mean time, a dream came true. In summer 2018 I travelled across Europe with an acoustic upright piano and a cello to play outdoor shows in natural areas. The audience and feedbacks were so wonderful and gave me the energy to compose more songs. The recording finally happened at the Library of Cherbourg, where I grew up, with a very high quality grand piano."

  1. Not from this world 02:34
  2. To heal a shape-shifted mind 03:29
  3. Itself 04:38
  4. A lost song 04:55
  5. On perd sa vie à chercher sa place 06:13
  6. Un volcan qui pousse les os 06:43
  7. De l'incapacité de dire au revoir aux belles choses 05:42
  8. Behind the unknown is where magic is 04:47
  9. Eternal conflicts 04:32
  10. La résilience se trouve à l'Est 05:30
  11. Hope is by nature 04:35
  12. L'eternité se cache dans un jardin au fond du mois d'août 04:54
  13. Today is the journey 08:26
  14. Toucher le temps du bout des doigts 05:00

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