The Bottle Rockets

The Bottle Rockets

24 Hours A Day (Coke Bottle Clear)

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Release Date: 03/03/2023
Format: LP
Label: Real Gone Music
Release: Coke Bottle Clear Colored Vinyl LP Pressing
  • Limited to 1000 copies pressing on coke bottle clear colored vinyl
Bottle Rockets leader Brian Henneman worked as Uncle Tupelo’s guitar tech for a couple of years before forming an alt-country band that rivalled his former bosses. Released in Atlantic in 1997, 24 Hours a Day represented The Bottle Rockets’ chance at the big time; it’s their sole major label release, and they pulled out all the stops for this one, hiring former Del Lord Eric “Roscoe” Ambel to produce and revisiting “Indianapolis,” the song that got Henneman a record deal back in the early ‘90s. Alas, the record failed to break through commercially; but there will always be a place in our hearts for this kind of hard-driving, honest, tuneful rock and roll, best exemplified by “Perfect Far Away” and “When I Was Dumb.” For its LP debut, we’re pressing this underappreciated classic in coke bottle (natch) clear vinyl housed inside an album jacket with inner sleeve…limited to 1000 copies!
  1. Kit Kat Clock 2:18
  2. When I Was Dumb 3:27
  3. 24 Hours A Day 3:00
  4. Smokin' 100's Alone 3:16
  5. Slo Toms 2:37
  6. Indianapolis 3:31
  7. Things You Didn't Know 4:36
  8. One Of You 2:07
  9. Perfect Far Away 3:12
  10. Waitin' On A Train 3:02
  11. Dohack Joe 3:15
  12. Rich Man 3:03
  13. Turn For The Worse 2:58

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