Long Term Effects Of Suffering (Glow Green)

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Release Date: 05/13/2022
 G59 Records LLC
Release type: Glow Green Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

"G59’s $uicideboy$ released their latest album Long term Effects of SUFFERING on Friday, August 13th. The 13-track project is not only self-produced by $uicideboy$ but contains a powerful message of salvation encoded in the hard-hitting tracklist. Pulling back the curtain on addiction, self-medication, suicide, and above all the ability to 'keep on marching on' as per the lyrics in the album’s farewell track – 'The Number You Have Dialed Is Not In Service'." - G*59 Records

  1. Degeneration In The Key Of A Minor 2:08
  2. If Self-Destruction Was An Olympic Event, I’d Be Tonya Harding 2:22
  3. Life Is But A Stream~ 2:02
  4. 5 Grand At 8 To 1 2:49
  5. We Envy Nothing In The World. 2:51
  6. Lighting The Flames Of My Own Personal Hell 1:50
  7. New Profile Pic 2:07
  8. Bleach 2:40
  9. Forget It 3:18
  10. Avalon 2:20
  11. Materialism As A Means To An End 2:46
  12. Ugliest 2:58
  13. The Number You Have Dialed Is Not In Service 2:45

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