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Release Date: 04/09/2021
2 X LP
 Friday Music
Release type: 180 Gram Vinyl LP Pressing


In the late-60s, Steppenwolf embodied that era's social, political and philosophical restlessness, building an impressive body of edgy, uncompromising rock 'n' roll that still retains it's emotional resonance to this day. The band kicked off the '70s with their first live album Steppenwolf Live, a stellar two LP set recorded at the Santa Monica Civic Center while in tour in support of 1969's Monster. It captures the band at their absolute pinnacle and serves as the perfect reminder of what a great live band Steppenwolf truly was. Still a fan favorite in the band's catalog, Steppenwolf Live includes tight takes on Monster cuts like "Draft Resister," "Power Play," "From Here To There Eventually" and the title track to go along with hard hitting versions of cornerstone classics like "Hey Lawdy Mama," "Magic Carpet Ride," The Pusher" and "Born To Be Wild." Gatefold 180g vinyl 2LP reissue from Friday Music mastered by Joe Reagoso.

  1. Sooki Sooki 3:09
  2. Don't Step On The Grass 6:01
  3. Tighten Up Your Wig 4:23
  4. Monster 10:00
  5. Draft Resister 4:00
  6. Power Play 5:35
  7. Corina, Corina 3:47
  8. Twisted 5:01
  9. From Here To There Eventually 6:52
  10. Hey Lawdy Mama
  11. Magic Carpet Ride 7:13
  12. The Pusher 6:01
  13. Born To Be Wild 5:51

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