State Champs

State Champs

Living Proof (Colored)

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Release Date: 10/08/2013
Format: LP
Label: Pure Noise Records
Release type: Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Living Proof, Albany, NY-based pop-punks State Champs' third album, is the most ambitious and cohesive work in the band's catalog. It was recorded in two different sessions with assistance from two different teams. The first session saw John Feldmann producing, who brought his knack for writing hit records - which he's done for bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte - into the fold. But State Champs wouldn't let their old-school roots die, teaming up with Mike Green and Kyle Black, the pair that shepherded Around The World And Back across the finish line. With the recording process split in two, it allowed State Champs to write and record more songs than ever before, culling it down to the most potent batch possible.

  1. Criminal
  2. Frozen
  3. Crystal Ball
  4. Dead And Gone
  5. Lightning
  6. Our Time To Go
  7. Safe Haven
  8. Something About You
  9. The Fix Up
  10. Cut Throught The Static
  11. Mine Is Gold
  12. Time Machine
  13. Sidelines

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