Southern Culture On The Skids

Southern Culture On The Skids

At Home With Southern Culture On The Skids

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Release Date: 09/10/2021
Format: LP
 Kudzu Records
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing. 
At Home with Southern Culture On The Skids is the latest full-length album from the band. The album consists of 11 tracks recorded and mixed in Rick Miller's living room with some additional tracks recorded at his studio, The Kudzu Ranch. The songs on the album are a combination of the band's unique mix of musical genres: rock and roll, surf, folk, and country, all a bit off-center, what Rick proudly calls "our wobbly Americana." Rick goes on, "We put a few more acoustic guitars on this one, as you would expect if you recorded in your living room, but it still rocks like SCOTS. So put your headphones on, get in your favorite chair/sofa/recliner, put on At Home With...and let's hang out for a while."
  1. Call Me
  2. Sugar Town
  3. Polka Dot Dress
  4. Run Baby Run
  5. Billy's Board
  6. Let Me Make You Happy
  7. Don't Spill The Java
  8. Where Is The Moon
  9. Night Driver
  10. Dear Mister Fantasy
  11. Everything Grows In Her Garden

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