Skyway Man

World Only Ends When You Die (Indie Exclusive Shimmering Void)

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Release Date: 03/19/2021
Mama Bird Recording Co. – MB040LP
Release type:
 Indie Exclusive Shimmering Void (Gold with Black) Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

The World Only Ends When You Die is a cinematic psych folk opera about someone who finds themselves incapable of coping with a new uncertain reality that followed a near death experience. Under a spell of mixed wisdom by several “trickster guides” hailing from the future, this confused person leaps back into the world of the dead only to spend a hero’s journey climbing out, returning to this strange existence of America in 2020.

1. Muddy Water
2. Sometimes Darkness / Railroad / Sometimes Darkness Reprise
3. Old Swingin’ Bell
4. Did Ya Know Him?
5. Common Void
6. The Rise of the Integratron
7. Don’t Feel Bad About Being Alive
8. Night Walking, Alone
9. Atom Bomb
10. Power

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