Rozz Williams

Rozz Williams

Every King A Bastard Son (Red)

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Release Date: 07/09/2021
Cleopatra – CLO 2334
Release type: Reissued Red Colored Vinyl LP Pressing.

Now available for the first time ever on vinyl - the legendary spoken word project from founder of Christian Death and Shadow Project, Rozz Williams. Features Williams' own poetry, narrated himself, over dark ambient soundscapes. Christian Death and Rozz Williams maintain a devout following even today and no fan can be without this gem.

  1. Whorse
  2. Mind F*** (Soundtrack to a Murder / Young Blood Mix)
  3. The Beast (Invocation)
  4. Currents
  5. To He Who Shall Come After (Mystic Fragments)
  6. The Evil Ones
  7. No Soldier (Cloak of Shit)
  8. Walls / Voices

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