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In its low-key, offbeat way, The Promotion represents such a relief from the onslaught of raucous, anything-for-a-yok comedies that one can't help feeling grateful. This directorial debut of Steve Conrad, who wrote the Will Smith comedy-drama The Pursuit of Happyness, offers a lot to like--ingratiating performances, some funny scenes and knowing touches, and actually being about something: the real-world dilemmas that go with needing a job and having a hard time getting or hanging on to one. But "low-key" is a friendly way of saying the movie's a mite slack, and the trouble with "offbeat" is that you can't always be sure there is a beat. Chief location is a scuffed-up supermarket in an inner-city Chicago neighborhood "where customers come first, even customers who are nuts," and local youth in the parking lot bedevil shoppers and staff out of boredom. The assistant manager, Doug (Seann William Scott, far from Stiffler mode), aspires to be given charge of a new, slightly more upscale market the company is opening. He's encouraged to believe he has the inside track--except who's this guy Richard (John C. Reilly), freshly emigrated from Canada and suddenly competing for the promotion in a deferential, north-of-the-border fashion that can't even be called passive-aggressive?

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