Reinventing The Steel (Indie Exclusive White & Yellow Marble)

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Release Date: 04/23/2021 
 Atlantic Records
Release type:
 Indie Exclusive White & Yellow Marbled Vinyl LP Pressing

Released on “marbled white and southern flames yellow” vinyl. Ounce for ounce, decibel for decibel, few bands can even approach the fury that is Pantera. For years they have been unleashing their anger in front of rabid crowds who have helped them sell millions of albums without MTV or heavy radio airplay, and now they are back with a new album of their most dynamic, fierce and unruly rock to date.

  1. Hellbound
  2. Goddamn Electric 
  3. Yesterday Don't Mean S**t 
  4. You've Got To Belong To It
  5. Revolution Is My Name
  6. Death Rattle 
  7. We'll Grind That Ax For A Long Time 
  8. Uplift 
  9. It Makes Them Disappear
  10. I'll Cast A Shadow

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