Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Undead

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Undead


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Blast off for the ultimate battle of man (and machines) versus movies with the cult classic "Mystery Science Theater 3000!" Step into the not-too-distant future, where all that stands between us and the cheesiest movies ever made is the intrepid crew of the Satellite of Love. Mike Nelson and his robot companions Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot provide hilarious running commentaries over cinema's C-students, allowing us to laugh along at the movies' most inscrutable plots, painful performances, and felonious filmmaking. This time out, Mike and the 'bots bring you the mystifying, and witchifying The Undead! This hypnotic horror from legendary director Roger Corman relates the tale of a researcher named Quintus exploring the possibilities of past-life regression with his nubile subject Diana, who in days of yore was condemned as a witch! Soon, Quintus and Diana find their souls stuck between the past and the future... and the crew of the S.O.L. is stuck in one of the strangest movie screenings ever. But with their clever quips and righteous riffs, not even the song stylings of the Dark Ages' own Digger Smolkin can kill off the laughs to be had in "The Undead".

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