Will Of The People (Indie Exclusive Cream)

  • $22.98

Release Date: 08/26/2022
Format: LP
 Warner Music
Release type:
 Indie Exclusive Cream White Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

This album was created in Los Angeles and London and is influenced by the increasing uncertainty and instability in the world. A pandemic, new wars in Europe, massive protests & riots, an attempted insurrec- tion, Western democracy wavering, rising authoritarianism, wildfires and natural disasters and the desta- bilisation of the global order all informed Will Of The People. It has been a worrying and scary time for all of us as the Western empire and the natural world, which have cradled us for so long are genuinely threat- ened. This album is a personal navigation through those fears and preparation for what comes next.
    1. Will Of The People 3:18
    2. Compliance 4:10
    3. Liberation 3:06
    4. Won’t Stand Down 3:29
    5. Ghosts (How Can I Move On) 3:37
    6. You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween 3:00
    7. Kill Or Be Killed 4:59
    8. Verona 4:57
    9. Euphoria 3:23
    10. We Are Fucking Fucked 3:36

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