Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker (Blue)

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Release Date: 05/14/2021
Format: LP
Label: Sundazed Music
Release type: Blue Vinyl LP Pressing. Limited to 500 copies

Brazen Guitar Heavy All Girl Glam! A truckload of rootsy yet lumbering cuts with funk grooves and glammy swagger. Where do you find a funked out southern rock feel without any Y chromosomes? The West London borough of Hounslow, of course. Billboard called them a “women’s lib rock group,” which fits as they were liberally liberating hooks while being proud of their sexuality. First ever US pressing, strictly limited to 500 copies all pressed on colored vinyl!

  1. Goin' Back 2:42
  2. Big Mama 2:27
  3. Tonight 2:41
  4. Fancy Dan 3:28
  5. Shine It On 2:13
  6. Love In Them There Hills 2:56
  7. Rock N' Roll Lady 2:52
  8. When I'm Alone With You 2:32
  9. Propeller Love 2:35
  10. Explosion In My Soul 2:40
  11. Billy John 2:34
  12. Wrap It Up 2:27

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