Domain of Death (Orange Krush with Splatter)

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Release Date: 05/17/2024
Relapse Records - RR6466
Release type:
Orange Krush with Splatter Colored Vinyl LP Pressing. 

Unrelentingly grim and gruesome death metal that fractures the speed of sound. Continuing to morph both stylistically and conceptually, mangling and overwhelming all they encounter. VERSION Orange Krush with Splatter Edition Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Domain of Death is the third studio album by death metal band Mortician, originally released in 2001.

1 Brood of Evil
2 Maimed and Mutilated
3 Bonecrusher
4 The Hatchet Murders
5 Extinction of Mankind
6 Domain of Death
7 Cannibalized
8 Pulsating Protoplasma
9 Martin (The Vampire)
10 Telepathic Terror
11 Mutilation of the Human Race
12 Wasteland of Death
13 Dr. Gore
14 Extra Uterine Pregnancy
15 Tenebrae
16 Devastation
17 Necronomicon Exmortis

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