The Last Resort: Greetings From (Green)

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Release Date: 07/01/2022
Format: LP
Label: Big Machine Records
Release type:  Green Vinyl LP Release

Limited transparent green colored vinyl LP pressing Midland likes their music straight-up. Hardcore country, the kind you find in forgotten bars in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas - wherever the neon's buzzing but not quite dead. The Grammy-nominated trio plots a resurgence of their thick harmonies, tart lyrics, and steel guitar with The Last Resort: Greetings From. Unfiltered, they want their country 120-proof. Whether it's a cheating song, a heartbreak ballad or a shoot-out-the-lights romper, they savor the emotions gusto.

  1. The Last Resort 3:57
  2. If I Lived Here 3:50
  3. Two To Two Step 3:21
  4. Take Her Off Your Hands 3:14
  5. Sunrise Tells The Story 3:28
  6. And The Some 3:25
  7. Longneck Way To Go 3:08
  8. Life Ain't Fair 3:48
  9. King Of Saturday Night 4:02
  10. Paycheck To Paycheck 2:56
  11. Bury Me In Blue Jeans 3:10
  12. Adios Cowboy 3:38

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