Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless

Daughter (Indie Exclusive Powder Blue)

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Release Date: 09/25/2020
Format: LP
Label: Honey You're Gonna Be Late Records
Release type: Indie Exclusive Powder Blue Colored Vinyl LP Pressing
  • Limited to 500 copies

Lydia Loveless' Daughter is an 11-track record that came together over the course of three long, challenging but rewarding years. In 2014 Lydia released Somewhere Else and boldly threw off the shackles of just being another artist in the Americana community. The record ended up on multiple year-end lists and 2016's Real continued the trend upwards in the way of awareness, sales, and all the metrics the industry deems necessary for success and survival. However just as things were taking root professionally it became clear it was time to take inventory of things personally. She'd been on tour for the better part of seven years, living out of a suitcase, calling Columbus home in between, and trying to save her marriage. Outcomes are sometimes inevitable and along with this change she also dealt with parting ways with her long-time record label. Lydia set up shop in the Triangle area of North Carolina and has slowly been finding that which she was looking for stability, strength, and inspiration. All of which are on display on Daughter. Daughter captures Lydia and her band at their fiery best and her songwriting has never been stronger. The portrait of the artist as a WOMAN. Daughter was recorded over the course of a few weeks in Chicago with Tom Shick at The Loft and finds them in control of their signature heartland, barroom sound, while also stretching to new places. It's another take-no-prisoners type record with a few scores settled along the way.

  1. Dead Writer
  2. Love Is Not Enough
  3. Wringer
  4. Can't Think 
  5. Say My Name
  6. Never
  7. Daughter
  8. When You're Gone
  9. September
  10. Don't Bother Mountain

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