Lou Ragland

Lou Ragland

Is The Conveyor "Understand Each Other" (Milky Clear)

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Release Date: 07/22/2022
Format: LP
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 Milky Clear Foam Colored Vinyl LP Pressing
    Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. The last chapter of Lou Ragland's Cleveland career was perhaps the most monumental. By it's completion, Understand Each Other-more often referred to as The ConVeyor, with that uppercase V intentional but unexplained-featured generations of Cleveland luminaries, and representation from most scenes, both sexes, and several ethnicities. The album's credits read like the guest list for a Lou Ragland episode of This Is Your Life. Kathy Grant was brought in to arrange the massive Cleveland Orchestra, inviting her father Frank in as first chair cello. A pre-O'Jays Dunn Pearson handled keys, and Richard Shann, the man who Pearson would replace in the O'Jays, got an arranger's credit as well. The horn section was rounded out by Mother Brain Tree trombonist Ulysses Young, Bell Telefunk trumpeter Watson Vaughn, and future Dazz Band trumpeter Pierre Demudd. Lou's live-in girlfriend Elaine Hines and her First Light singing mate Joyce Jenkins, both on break from stints with Terry Knight's Grand Funk Railroad project, contributed backing vocals. One-time Co-Co co-owner Leonard Jackson brought his Temps knock-off the True Movement in as a male counter to First Light. In the middle of his stumbling career on the Miystic Insight label, Sonny Lovall adds another voice. Hot Chocolateers past and Seven Miles Highers present Tony Roberson, Herbert Pruitt, R. C. Johnson, Tom Tichar, James Johnson III, Joe Jenkins, and Pam Hamilton are all accounted for.
    1. Understand Each Other
    2. What Happened to the Feeling
    3. Since You Said You'd Be Mine (LP Version)
    4. Just for Being You
    5. What Should I Do
    6. It's Got to Change
    7. The Next World
    8. Understand Each Other (Instumental)

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