Awake: The Best Of Live (With DVD)

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Release Date: 2004
Format: Pre-Owned CD & DVD
Label: Radioactive Records
Catalog Number: B0003516-00

The Songs
CD-1 Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition) 3:19
CD-2 Pain Lies By The Riverside [New Edit] 4:32
CD-3 The Beauty Of Gray 4:12
CD-4 Selling The Drama 3:25
CD-5 I Alone 3:40
CD-6 Lightning Crashes 5:24
CD-7 All Over You 3:57
CD-8 Pillar Of Davidson 4:23
CD-9 We Deal In Dreams 3:55
CD-10 Lakini's Juice 4:49
CD-11 Turn My Head 3:55
CD-12 The Dolphin's Cry 4:19
CD-13 Run To The Water 4:27
CD-14 Dance With You 4:36
CD-15 Overcome 4:15
CD-16 Nobody Knows 4:27
CD-17 Heaven 3:46
CD-18 Run Away 3:27
CD-19 I Walk The Line 3:03
The Videos
DVD-1 Operation Spirit
DVD-2 Operation Spirit (Live Version)
DVD-3 Pain Lies On The Riverside
DVD-4 Pain Lies On The Riverside (Live Version)
DVD-5 Selling The Drama
DVD-6 I Alone
DVD-7 Lightning Crashes
DVD-8 White, Discussion
DVD-9 Lakini's Juice
DVD-10 Freaks
DVD-11 Turn My Head
DVD-12 Turn My Head (Alternative Version)
DVD-13 Ghost
DVD-14 The Dolphin's Cry
DVD-15 Run To The Water
DVD-16 They Stood Up For Love
DVD-17 Overcome
DVD-18 Simple Creed
DVD-19 Like A Soldier
DVD-20 Heaven
DVD-21 Heaven (Concept Version)
DVD-22 Run Away
DVD-23 Interview Commentary With Ed Kowalczyk

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