Life With Dog

Life With Dog


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Hope comes in many forms

After losing his wife Alice (Marilu Henner) in a mysterious bike accident, Joe Bigler (Corbin Bernsen) is left alone without faith to help him grieve. That and the circumstances of Alice's accident leave more questions than answers, and Joe begins a fast descent into the dark abyss of uncertainty. But his salvation arrives when a dog wanders into his garden and won't leave despite Joe's many attempts to rid him. Without so much as a single bark, "Dog", as Joe has named him, shares his voice; a deep love and comfort that Joe has never experienced before. With Dog's love comes the discovery of God's love, and a faith that not only helps Joe toward the road to recovery, but also the unsolved mystery surrounding his wife's accident, and the ability to finally grieve her passing.

"LIFE WITH DOG is an incredibly powerful movie... A raw, courageous, unrelenting look at a man's soul" - Dr. Ted Baehr, Movie Guide

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