Lexx Series 2 Volume 4

Lexx Series 2 Volume 4


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Space nerd Stanley Tweedle and the motley crew of the simpleton living ship Lexx continue to wander around a video-game galaxy as the universe is devoured around them by the voracious Mantrid and his army of disembodied arms. They fight off the hungry undead corpses (who look suspiciously like the zombie Templars of Tombs of the Blind Dead) in "Twilight," take a trip through Stanley's guilt-riddled dreams in "Patches in the Sky," meet the not-so-wonderful Wuzzard when they attempt to reset Xev's expiration date in "Woz," and slam into an interstellar net spun by a monstrous mind-controlling spider in "The Web." Behind the farcical black humor and morbid running gags (does Stanley have to blow up every planet he sees?) is an increasingly melancholy edge as the universe disappears around the crew and Stanley faces up to his cowardice and irresponsibility. For Lexx, that's almost deep.

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