Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile

Smoke Ring For My Halo

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Release Date: 03/08/2011
Format: LP
Label: Matador Records
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kurt Vile returns with his second proper album (2008's Childish Prodigy was a compendium of sorts). Smoke Ring for My Halo is a gorgeously layered record. Ranging from the tender breezy folk in "Jesus Fever" to the tuff urban guitar riff of "Puppet to the Man," Vile's distinctive Philly-accented vocal ties together a sweeping & evocative project - a true American psychedelic folk album.

  1. Baby's Arms 3:56
  2. Jesus Fever 3:46
  3. Puppet To The Man 3:52
  4. On Tour 5:26
  5. Society Is My Friend 5:39
  6. Runner Ups 4:00
  7. In My Time 3:47
  8. Peeping Tomboy 4:24
  9. Smoke Ring For My Halo 4:35
  10. Ghost Town 6:23
  11. Untitled 1:01

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