Mood Ring (Indie Exclusive Green In Blue)

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Release Date: 11/19/2021
Format: LP
Triple Crown Records
Release type: Indie Exclusive Green In Blue [Jawbreaker] Colored Vinyl LP Pressing. 

Mood Ring, Zoe Reynold's second full length as Kississippi and first for Triple Crown Records, is full of her trademark talent at channeling deadpan emotional observation into poignant musical metaphors. Kississippi comfortably filters pop grandeur, emo's deliberate rawness, and Nashville's studio largeness through a lens of punk camaraderie. Just like the album's title suggests, Reynolds writes through a spectrum of shifting emotions: elation blending into insecurity and back around into gorgeous awe.

  1. We’re So In Tune 4:01
  2. Moonover 3:44
  3. Dreams with You 2:46
  4. Around Your Room 3:31
  5. Heaven 3:25
  6. Twin Flame 3:03
  7. Play Til You Win 2:50
  8. Wish I Could Tell You 3:04
  9. Big Dipper 3:54
  10. Hellbeing 4:14

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