Josephine Davies

Josephine Davies

Satori: How Can We Wake?

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Release Date: 12/11/2020
Whirlwind Recordings – WR4764LP
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing

Josephine Davies continues to assert her unique presence across the crowded landscape of international jazz with 'How Can We Wake?' from the acclaimed trio project that she has been developing since 2016 under the name of Satori.

This latest iteration reunites her with two of the UK's most uncategorisable talents: both Dave Whitford on bass and James Maddren on drums combine a fearsome level of accomplishment with a fearless appetite for improvisation that makes them the perfect partners in this venture.
  1. Ananda: Bliss 4:47
  2. Sutra 2:23
  3. Duhkha: Pervasive Dissatisfaction 5:26
  4. Sutra 2 1:37
  5. Nirodha: The Possibility Of Liberation 5:23
  6. Mudita: Joy 8:57
  7. Daya: Compassion 5:23
  8. Sutra 3 0:49
  9. Ananda: Bliss (Reprise) 3:26

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