Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale

When Carolina Comes Home Again

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First Edition Vinyl LP

Jim Lauderdale comes back to his roots with When Carolina Comes Home Again, a bluegrass album of songs old and new. Chocked full of rich stories, tremendous foot stompin’ tunes, and extraordinary musicianship, the album will delight bluegrass enthusiasts and beyond. With urgency and precision, the song “When Carolina Comes Home Again” tells the tale of a man awaiting his lover, Carolina, to return home. In the cheeky “Cackalacky” Lauderdale sings of his love of biscuits. Brimming with real life, there’s a little something for everybody here.

  1. When Carolina Comes Home Again
  2. As A Sign
  3. Misery's Embrace
  4. The Last To Know
  5. It Just Takes One To Wander
  6. Cackalacky
  7. You'll Have To Earn It
  8. You've Got This
  9. Mountaineer
  10. I'm Here To Remind You
  11. Moonrider
  12. Spin A Yarn
  13. Better Than You Found It

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