Incident in a Small Town / Pals / The Long Way Home / Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love

Incident in a Small Town / Pals / The Long Way Home / Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love


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Release Date: 2009
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INCIDENT IN A SMALL TOWN<BR> The third installment in the award-winning "Incident" series of films again features Walter Matthau as brilliant-but-folksy defense attorney Harmon J. Cobb. The year is 1953. When Harmon learns that his old friend, Judge Stoddard Bell (Harry Morgan), is accused of murder, he has no choice but to step up to the bar. Harmon's investigation reveals that the murdered man had been romantically linked with Judge Bell's estranged daughter. In fact, the victim had fathered Judge Bell's illegitimate grandson--now 13 years old. Harmon's persistent sleuthing further uncovers Judge Bell's plot to cover for his daughter, whom he believes is the real murderer. As this spellbinding drama hurtles toward its startling conclusion, Harmon discovers yet another twist in the case. <BR><BR> THE LONG WAY HOME<BR> Tom Gerrin (Jack Lemmon), a retired cabinetmaker, moves in with his son, Ken, and daughter-in-law, Bonnie, after the death of his wife. Tom, bored and lonely, is simply waiting to die. When a traveling circus comes to town, Tom meets a 21-year-old free spirit named Leanne Bossert (Sarah Paulson) and the unlikely pair hitchhike from Kansas to California. In learning to respect each other's differences, they become the best of mismatched friends. It is their unique friendship that gives each the courage to embrace new beginnings and face the sad finales that greet them at their journey's end. While in Monterey, California, Tom looks up an old pre-marriage sweetheart, Veronica (Betty Garrett). Happily and unexpectedly, the two enjoy a 55-year-later reunion--a sweet moment it is in both their lives. Although Tom decides to return to Beaumont, Kansas, he refuses to return to his previous waiting-to-die existence. Leanne's zest for life and Veronica's romantic outlook have shown Tom how it feels to live and love again. <BR><BR> PALS<BR> Oscar® winners George C. Scott and Don Ameche star as Jack Stobbs and Art Riddle, respectively, in this fun-loving romp about two best friends whose ambition is to spend the rest of their days fishing. When a friend offers to sell his charter fishing business, they believe they have found the answer. The fact that they have practically no money presents only a momentary hitch. One day they come upon an expensive abandoned car at a rest stop and discover that someone left a suitcase full of money in the trunk--the suitcase contains 3.6 million dollars. A mobster emerges from the woods. Jack and Art make a run for it toting the cash-filled case. Thus begins a series of rags-to-riches escapades that keeps our duo one step ahead of the mob and the FBI. As this madcap, catch-me-if-you-can thriller careens towards its dramatic conclusion, Jack and Art are struck by a peculiar revelation. <BR><BR> MRS. LAMBERT REMEMBERS LOVE<BR> No one could ask for a more loving grandmother than Lil (Oscar® and Golden Globe® winner Ellen Burstyn). Widowed, and still mourning the death of her son, Lil's last cherished reflection of the past is her grandson, Jared (Ryan Todd), of whom she has custody. Social Services isn't convinced that love is enough. Suspecting that Lil's diminishing mental capacity could jeopardize Jared's upbringing, they works to place the boy with his greedy uncle. On Lil and Jared's side is Clifford (Oscar® and Golden Globe® winner Walter Matthau), Lil's best friend and reluctant suitor. Fearing the inevitable, the protective Lil packs her bags, and with Jared in tow, heads toward unknown destinations and a hopeful future. Waiting for them is Clifford, who has his own plans for making Lil and Jared's wishes for a happier life come true.

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