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Icon For Hire

Amorphous (Indie Exclusive Violet Translucent)

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Release Date: 02/19/2021
Not on Label (Icon For Hire Self-released) – ICON006LP
Release type:
 Indie Exclusive Violet Translucent Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Since forming in 2007, Icon for Hire (composed of singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump) have quietly amassed a legion of followers. Currently sitting at over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Icon for Hire are the sleeping giants of the modern rock scene, and are now ready to step into the forefront with new album 'Amorphous'. Icon for Hire's sound is one that effortlessly blends heavy riffs, elements of electronic production and soaring vocal lines into a powerful & bold sonic explosion. However, at the heart of Icon for Hire's music is a message of positivity, self-love and personal empowerment from the painfully relatable and rousing lyrics of Ariel. For Amorphous, the band worked with Grammy Nominated engineer Romesh Dodangoda (known for his previous work producing the last Bring Me The Horizon album as well as acts such as Don Broco, Busted, and Kids in Glass Houses). The album has been completely funded by fans through Kickstarter. This success was achieved thanks to the band's highly dedicated ICON Army fanbase that support them on Patreon and have been there for the band though thick, thin, litigation, addiction and more. Having overcome both personal and professional adversity, Icon for Hire are living proof that you can take control of your life-and that's perhaps the greatest success anyone can hope to accomplish.

  1. Prelude - Brittle
  2. Brittle
  3. Curse or Cure
  4. Enemies
  5. Panic Attacks
  6. Seeds
  7. Interlude -Thirteen
  8. Background Sad
  9. Last One Standing
  10. Waste My Hate
  11. Interlude - Impossibles & Obstacles
  12. Sticks and Stones
  13. Warrior
  14. Only Be a Story

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