Greg Puciato

Child Soldier: Creator of God (Orange)

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Release Date: 09/09/2022
2 X LP
 Federal Prisoner
Release type: Orange Vinyl LP Pressing. 


Greg Puciato's first solo record. Greg Puciato is the legendary frontman for The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, and Killer Be Killed.
Greg has built a very dedicated fanbase over the years and this release has built a lot of hype among that fanbase - they have become insatiable for any artistic output that he releases to the public whether it's music, photography, books, they love (and buy) it all.
This vinyl variant will be exclusive to North American retail, which is great for Greg's rabid fanbase, and for stores. These will be hand numbered.

  1. Heaven Of Stone 1:24
  2. Creator Of God 4:04
  3. Fire For Water 2:56
  4. Deep Set 3:44
  5. Temporary Object 4:12
  6. Fireflies 4:38
  7. Do You Need Me To Remind You 6:18
  8. Roach Hiss 4:53
  9. Down When I’m Not 3:06
  10. You Know I Do 6:07
  11. Through The Walls 4:02
  12. A Pair Of Questions 4:24
  13. Evacuation 5:04
  14. Heartfree 5:04
  15. September City 4:50

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