Great Speeches Of The 20th Century [Box]

Great Speeches Of The 20th Century [Box]

Various Artists

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  1. The Farmer and the Republican Party2:00
  2. Address to the American Indians1:42
  3. Address to the Boys' Progressive League1:30
  4. Inaugural Address1:14
  5. Inaugural Address2:37
  6. Election Eve Campaign Speech1:07
  7. Inaugural Address2:26
  8. Checkers Speech11:07
  9. Presidential Campaign Address4:26
  10. Republican Convention Address5:32
  11. Presidential Debate5:35
  12. Presidential Campaign Address1:50
  13. Address to the Nation:35
  14. Presidential Campaign Address5:20
  15. Inaugural Address2:17
  16. Resignation Address1:59
  17. Resignation Address3:34
  18. Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech1:32
  19. Inaugural Address2:31
  20. Keynote Address for Democratic Convention10:23
  21. Address to the Democratic Convention5:20
  22. First Recorded Promotional Message on the Edison Phonograph2:06
  23. The German Peril2:51
  24. Address from France:29
  25. On Lindbergh's Return to the United States2:23
  26. Abdication Address6:42
  27. On His Return from the Munich Conference1:05
  28. On the Occasion of Germany's Occupation of the Sudetenland in ...3:03
  29. Declaration of War With Germany2:56
  30. First Radio Address as Prime Minister7:34
  31. Declaration of War Against Japan7:44
  32. The First Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan:25
  33. Address to Congress5:00
  34. On the Fall of Dien Bien Phu3:42
  35. Announcement of the Launching of Sputnik:15
  36. The Cuban Missile Crisis7:32
  37. Confrontation over Presence of Russian Missles in Cuba4:30
  38. On Signing of the Civil Rights Bill3:42
  39. Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy1:08
  40. The End of the Vietnam War3:38
  41. On Commencement of the Bombing of Iraq; "The World Could Wait No ..."6:32
  42. The Ideal Republic2:06
  43. The Future of Women in Flying2:00
  44. Farewell to Baseball:18
  45. Address to the Nation on the R.A.F.1:35
  46. Greetings to the Children of England:41
  47. Farewell to Baseball3:50
  48. Address to Congress:58
  49. Farewell Address9:51
  50. Inaugural Address13:50
  51. The First American in Earth Orbit2:42
  52. Address to Civil Rights Marchers in Washington, D.C.16:10
  53. Christmas Greeting from Space:33
  54. The Moon Landing4:17
  55. Address to Congress:15
  56. Address to the Nation on the Berlin Wall1:57
  57. Address on U.S. Neutrality9:13
  58. Address to the Chicago Irish Fellowship Club12:36
  59. The Kitchen Debate7:23
  60. Farewell to Fans (The Payola Scandal):25
  61. Concession Stand16:15
  62. On Black Power1:16
  63. Address to the Yippie Convention3:30
  64. Press Conference on the Riots at the Democratic Convention3:30
  65. Address on Vietnam War Protests2:15
  66. Address to the Women of America:30
  67. On Releasing the Watergate Tapes1:24
  68. Testimony at the Iran-Contra Hearings9:52

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