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Deep Down Death

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Release Date: 02/04/2022
Format: LP
 Subliminal Sounds
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing
  • Limited to 499 copies.
A mind-bending musical discovery! The long-lost, rare/unreleased music and history of these loud and hairy hard rock champions out of mid-1970s Sweden. The 2nd tasty release in our series “The Swedish Hard Rock Underground - A Smorgasbord of Heavy Sounds!” with the best, but previously unknown and undocumented jaw dropping Swedish hard rock/heavy psych bands from the totally stoned 1970s. Let us introduce you to the tale of this unique heavy band from southern Sweden. The fierce dudes that earned the moniker: “Northern Europe’s most violent band!” from their wild live shows. The band recorded and released two private press singles in 1975 and 1976 respectively. Both were done in micro pressings of 100 copies each making them very rare and sought after. We follow the band from their first incarnation as a killer heavy power trio and then expanding in to a massive 5-piece powerhouse and until the military draft put an end to their teenage hard rock dreams…
  1. She's Got the Fire 3:36
  2. Great Ad… 2:51
  3. Borne, Andy, Mountain 2:47
  4. You’ll Never Believe 4:27
  5. Fast Love 2:35
  6. Slow Love 2:55
  7. Deep Blue 2:35
  8. Waffle 2:56
  9. Time to Go Home 3:59
  10. Deep Down Death 3:29
  11. Sigh 4:21

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