Gold Star Gold Star

Gold Star Gold Star

Introducing... Gold Star Gold Star (Easter Yellow)

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Release Date: 4/12/2020
Format: LP
Label: Earth Libraries
Release type: Easter Yellow Colored Vinyl LP Pressing.

Introducing Gold Star Gold Star, Adam Miller and Adam Obermeier's take on classic radio pop shines in its studied precision, knowing subversive choices, and undeniable warmth. For their debut, the Chicago duo use the language of bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Motown acts--and then twist the dial ever so slightly away from what you'd hear on AM radio. "It comes out with this Lynchian effect of taking something very familiar, and even a slight difference feels a little bit weird," Obermeier says. "But in pop music, every second needs to be exciting." 

Limited edition pressing / Yellow vinyl with hype sticker Mastered by Kevin Basko (of Foxygen / producer of The Lemon Twigs, Sam France, Jackie Cohen) For fans of Emitt Rhodes, The Apples In Stereo, Coconut Records, Foxygen, The Lemon Twigs, 60/70s Pop/Rock/Folk Based out of Chicago. Members are also in the band Jungle Green. 

More than an aesthetic, the duo's recording process was aimed at directing their sound right to the heart. ˜Mono allows you a perception of time and movement that you don't have in stereo," Obermeier explains. "The duo's name pays homage to their mono aesthetic as well as their own repeated name, doubling up on the name of a Los Angeles studio home to the 'wall of sound," and sessions for Pet Sounds.

Xs Noize - "Exudes 60's rocked vibes with soft and sensitive melodies, instrumental sounds and a melancholy poetic text. The expression is accomplished and they manage to make the old sound their very own."

Groundsounds - "Coursing rich, Alpine Subs style 60's melodies, through the swirling indie distance of a Lemon Twigs style band, this duo consisting of Adam Miller and Adam Obermeier, evoke all manner of jangly indie folk precious another winner for an Earth Libraries label that is becoming increasingly essential."

JanglePopHub - "Just like your favourite lofi mashup of the Beatles and Beach Boys with a sprinkle of Built to Spill."
We Love Lo-fi Music - "also hear a bit more of a doo-wop/crooner influence on this single, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. They manage to sort of switch gears casually and coyly in this song, which makes is supremely refreshing, especially for those of us with a nostalgic bent,"

Austin Town Hall -  "Forthcoming LP, sways and swoons in a sepia breeze, every signifier of love hanging in the balance; the plinking glockenspiel and falsetto vocal falls balance against rubbery bass and waves of guitar. Reminiscent of work Elephant 6 was cooking up in the 90s." 

GigSoupMusic - "Band used old RadioShack mics on instruments that limit the EQ spectrum and have a weird almost crunchy quality."

1. Brand New Start
2. 1-800
3. I Just Need Your Love
4. Talkin Need My Friends Blues
5. Willow Tree
6. If You Only Knew
7. You Can Tell Me What It Is (Girl)
8. How Can I Show You
9. Sun Staying Down
10. Play It Cool
11. Done With Wonderin
12. I Know Who To Call

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