Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray

XXX (30 Years Live Anniversary: 1990 - 2020)

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Release Date: 11/12/2021
Format: 3 X LP
 Ear Music
Release type:
 180 Gram Black Triple Vinyl LP Pressing

Gamma Ray, Germany's power metal institution, celebrate their 30th anniversary! Gamma Ray immediately hit the spot with their debut album Heading For Tomorrow in 1990, released straight after Hansen decided to leave Helloween, the band he co-founded and with whom he enjoyed world fame, gold and platinum awards with records like "Keeper Of The Seventh Keys" (Part I and II) still among the best sellers for the metal genre. It was after the critically-acclaimed Land Of The Free in 1995 that Gamma Ray became one of the top European power metal bands and became widely known as a hard-working band, releasing more than ten albums in twenty years and permanently being on the road with the likes of Iron Maiden, Halford, Hammerfall and Stratovarius. Now, more than ever, they are one of the most loved metal icons by fans and critics alike.

In 2020, Gamma Ray celebrated their anniversary - 30 years of true metal! Despite not being able to fill a hall with devoted fans like usual due to COVID restrictions, they decided to put on a hell of a show. Filmed with several cameras, the show at the impressive ISS Dome in Duesseldorf, Germany brought band and fans together via Live Stream. To incorporate the fans into the show, the band members invited them to send in recordings of themselves screaming, hailing and whistling to their favorite Gamma Ray songs.
    1. Induction / Dethrone Tyranny
    2. New World Order
    3. Empathy
    4. Avalon
    5. Master of Confusion
    6. Rebellion in Dreamland
    7. Land of the Free
    8. Lust for Life
    9. One With the World
    10. The Silence
    11. Heading for Tomorrow
    12. Armageddon
    13. Send Me A Sign / Outro

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