Fruit Bats

Sometimes A Cloud Is Just A Cloud (Peak Vinyl)

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Release Date: 01/28/2022
Format: 2 X LP
 Merge Records
Release type: Peak Vinyl Exclusive Pink & Violet Swirl Colored Double Vinyl LP Pressing

Thoughtfully compiled by bandleader Eric D. Johnson (also of Bonny Light Horseman), this 2-LP collection is split in two distinct halves. The first disc, set in reverse chronological order, cherry-picks from Fruit Bats' grand catalog of folk/pop earworms. Fan favorites from Johnson's most celebrated albums, like 2011's The Tripper, 2016's Absolute Loser and as current as 2019's Gold Past Life, are compiled into a perfectly arranged introduction to the timeless pop sounds of Fruit Bats. The second disc is a deeper dive into the FB world with demos, live recordings, previously unreleased tracks & new material from Johnson & Co (the "co" here being a slew of accomplished musicians that occasionally includes names like the late Richard Swift, Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman) and even legendary Dinosaur Jr. leader J. Mascis!).

  1. Rips Me Up
  2. The Bottom of It
  3. Cazadera
  4. Humbug Mountain Song
  5. Absolute Loser
  6. The Rock Doc
  7. You're Too Weird
  8. Flamingo
  9. Born in the '70S (Live in Portland)
  10. When U Love Somebody (Live at Spacebomb)
  11. Glass in Your Feet
  12. Without Any Airs
  13. Barely Living Room (Demo)
  14. Baby Bluebird (Waltz Demo)
  15. Hot Dogs
  16. Wacs
  17. When the Stars Are Out
  18. Aces
  19. The Joker
  20. Feather Bed (Demo)
  21. Goodnight Sun & Hello Moon
  22. Rainbow Sign (4-Track Demo)
  23. The Old Black Hole (4-Track Demo)

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