Free Music Quintet

Free Music Quintet

Free Music One And Two (Reissue)

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Release Date: 06/11/2021
Format: LP
Label: ESP Disk – 1083
Release type: Reissued Vinyl LP Pressing

ESP-Disk present a reissue of Free Music Quintet's Free Music 1 and 2, originally released in 1968. Dutch drummer Pierre Courbois, an early adaptor of free jazz, had previously appeared on ESP-Disk with Gunter Hampel (Music from Europe) in 1968 and that same year recorded this album in a farmhouse (as shown on the front cover) in the village of Weslum, home of group member Erwin Somer. Personnel - Boy Raaymakers - trumpet, bugle, percussion; Peter Van Der Locht - soprano sax, tenor sax, piccolo flute, percussion; Erwin Somer - violin, vibraphone, percussion; Ferdinand Rikkers - bass, percussion; Pierre Courbois - percussion, leader; Onno Scholtze: producer, engineer; Recorded in Welsum, Netherlands on June 24 and 25, 1968.

  1. Free Music No. 1 18:00
  2. Free Music No. 2 18:30

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